How to Spot the Perfect Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are not strictly needed in playing the sport. A typical sneaker or pair of tennis shoes will do. What is needed is a pair that has traction and is comfortable while worn. However, these shoes wear out over time, especially because they are not exclusively made for playing the sport.

Golf shoeThere is a need then to design a pair that is to be used exclusively for swinging a golf club, a pair that works best on the course. For serious players, it is a good idea to invest in one pair. It helps a player maintain balance and stability in his swing, while maintaining comfort during the stroll on the golf course.

Thinking of buying yourself a pair? Read on and discover the basics of buying your very first golf shoes.

The first step is knowing your size

This is essential in buying any footwear, of course. However, as with any other special pair of shoes it must be noted that this pair might fit differently than your sneaker. This is due to the fact that it has larger soles and broader bases to maintain a golfer’s stability on the course.

Next, head out to a reputable sporting goods shop

Your local stores may house only a couple of good finds, but it’s worth a try. It’s always better to look at specialized shops for golfing, as these contain the widest selection of equipment for such sport. You can also ask questions from the salespeople in the store and they would be glad to assist you in finding what you need.

Try out more than one pair, and walk in it a bit to find out if it’s a good fit. You might also want to check out the spikes on the golf shoes. The importance of spikes is to hold you steady while you swing. Plastic spikes are better as these can be replaced easily and are cheaper. Metal spikes, on the other hand, are not advisable as these cause damage to the course while you stroll. Also, these spikes are harder to replace.

Look at and feel the material. Make sure that the inside of the shoes are not damaged. The most recommended material is leather as these last the longest. Above all, note that the comfort is of utmost importance in buying a pair. There’s no use in buying these pairs of shoes if they will just make you wince while you walk and damage your performance on the course.

Choose a design that does not stand out much. Remember that you are going to a game, and not to a fashion show. The standard color of golf shoes is white. A bright colored pair might also be distracting to other players. For more design and color you can visit

Finally, buy some maintenance items, such as leather lotion, to keep it clean and damage free. You would want your investment to last long. It’s also very embarrassing to sport a damaged or worn out shoe on the field. You might also want to buy extra spikes to replace your pre-installed spikes once they are worn out.

Buying golf shoes is a good idea if you are seriously considering this sport. Again, it is not a requirement to play, so there are other things to consider before buying a pair. However, buying one would be a good investment for those who play regularly and participate in competitions. These can have an impact on the play and swing of the players, if the proper equipment was bought. A pair of golf shoes would not skyrocket a player to be the next golfing legend. But it can definitely help in his stance.