Top SEO Strategies for your Local Business

In a 2016 study by the Internet Society, they mentioned that creating locally-relevant content is crucial not only for local business owners, but also for town-wide or city-wide economic groups. There is also overwhelming evidence that having SEO materials that zeroes-in on local content is more effective in attracting the right customers for your business.

Here are some top SEO strategies that could help your local business:

1. Using Mobile Marketing

More and more internet users use the mobile platform. Millions of mobile devices are activated every single day across the globe.

Mobile MarketingThis is the reason why local mobile marketing is essential. Your potential clients are usually mobile and looking for you using their devices. The target customers in your area should be able to find your business on their mobile devices.

To begin with, your company website should be more mobile responsive, which means that the layout and content adapts to the size of the screen and fits the device that they’re reading it on. The content may also shift to adapt to the best screen display. When your website is mobile responsive, customers and visitors will have a more satisfying experience.

2. Using Local Keywords

Keyword research should focus on names of local places, including the city where your business is located. Using the right keywords will help customers find you. Keywords should also include specific terms or phrases that are unique to a specific area. One skill that your keyword researchers should have is the ability to understand the language that your target clients employ when searching online for the product or service that you offer. If you’re a smaller business, using specific terms or what they call long tail phrases, is more beneficial. Small businesses do not normally rank high high-value keywords. However, your business may find higher rankings especially in your local area with more specific terms.

3. Using content optimization

You should be able to optimize your website and content to target local customers.

When you upload graphics on your site, for instance, add a location along with the competitive keywords.

content optimizationThere are a variety of downloadable software that tells the business exactly what kind of content should be created. If this is done correctly, your optimization efforts should have a better chance of ranking higher and creating faster results. In order to target local customers, the city or state should be included in your content.

You landing page content should include your local area or community. This helps in organic searches, particularly when mobile GPS is utilized by customers.

Your website’s contact page should contain useful information where potential customers can easily find you. The content of the contact page should be simple and straightforward. It should include the name of your company, your business address or brick and mortar store location, the primary phone number, and a sitemap.

4. Using Social Media

Social Media sites can help your local business tremendously. You should be able to input local keywords to your social media accounts that are related to the area or region where you are located. All your social profiles should consistently include the company’s address and link to your website. This is one way of gaining a local client base. Consistency of your business details is important, so you need to make sure that everything is the same across all your social media profiles, website, review sites, and local directories.

Facebook has an interesting feature where people can check in a business location on Facebook. When they are unable to locate the Facebook page a Facebook Place is created automatically with your business name. You may be able to take the credit for likes and check-ins through a feature that allows you to claim any Facebook Place with your company name on it.

5. Using Real Reviews

In order to get honest and genuine response from customers, ask your customers to give reviews. Encourage them to add their reviews to available online review services. You may even provide several options for them. This gives the customers a positive vibe, and it tells them that you are open to feedback and you value their opinions.

6. Using Tools to Analyze Results

All your company’s local SEO efforts should be tracked and monitored. All your hard work should be able to reap rewards in the long run. Businesses are able to determine if the results of local search optimization are positive if you see the traffic on your website increasing from the time you started your local SEO campaign.

There are several useful tools that could help business track and monitor their progress. There are tools available that enables you to monitor target keywords. You have the option to get updates on a daily or weekly basis.

There are also several tools available to help you monitor website rankings and analyze organic traffic.

Now that you know about all those, you’re ready to tackle SEO. Still, it won’t hurt to get some help!

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